Say hello to Mike Hope, a New York-based kid who enjoys all of life's simple pleasures like any kid his age: Hood By Air, Rick Owens, #Been #Trill and A$AP MOB. Most likely parentless, born from the immaculate conception of Tumblr, A$AP Mike is not only a fan of these popular brands and artists, but has befriended several of them and in the process become an Instagram sensation. Pay one visit to his Instagram and you'll find his next level sefie game, posing in all of his favorite threads, copping more jawnz then you will ever be able to afford and posing with members of A$AP like it's nothing. His popularity has grown to the point that VFiles recently sat down with The Ruler himself to learn more about his various age-appropriate interests. While not unsurprising, Mike knows an extraordinary amount about his favorite brands, going on to say his favorite Rick Owens collection was Fall/Winter 2007 (because, obviously) and that he recently penned an essay for school comparing and contrasting Helmut Lang & Calvin Klein (for those keeping score at home, he ultimately decided Helmut was stronger). Mike's passion for designer clothing has even led the tween to launch his own collection, Palais Noir (it means "Dark Palace" in French DUH), the natural evolution from his previous endeavor, Very Rare Paris. Watch the interview above and make sure to follow The Trillest Kid On The Internet via any and all social media platforms.