Microsoft Reveals the Xbox One

Date: May 21

Microsoft revealed their new console dubbed the Xbox One, which some critics say looks more like a VCR than a next-gen gaming system. The new system's holistic design has put Microsoft on the defensive following comments and jokes on various social media sites. Anyone who has used Windows 8 knows Microsoft doesn't care what you think. Aesthetics aside, the new features of the Xbox One are plenty, but not all of them were hits with the consumers, specifically on the software side. Gamers are pissed that game-sharing is limited to those in your "household" and the need for a stable Internet connection most of the time hasn't gone over too well either. The PR department over at Microsoft must be frantic these days. Hopefully everything will be sorted out before the release date, or before Sony reveals their next generation console with a built-in espresso machine, jetpack, and deep-tissue massager.

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