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By now you’re probably familiar with our monthly meme recaps. We’ve decided to switch things up a little bit while still recounting the funniest (or strangest) things that happened in the world, as told by the Internet. Allow us to introduce What the Hell Just Happened Last Month? (In Memes).

Memes are often written off as another silly symptom of the Internet’s randomness, but as far as we're concerned, memes are very important tools for recording and reporting news in somewhat real-time. Yes, there are a lot of cute animals, scumbags, and “confessions,” but even those serve a purpose. In what feels like an anonymous world, the sharing and making of memes speaks to a larger narrative of influence and opinion. Memes that are deemed poignant or funny by the Internet at large are the ones that go viral, and others are shot down or may see a resurgence many months later when something happens to warrant its return.

As purveyors of all things Art & Design, we respect memes as works of design and artistic expression. The use of typography, edits, and other Photoshopping (when done well) does require some level of skill. Even if sites like Quickmeme and Memegenerator are overflowing with bad, sloppy attempts at meme-making, memes are ultimately artistic, deeply personal, and meant to accurately represent a point-of-view or joke that others can relate to without even knowing the full context.

Learn about the Internet's reaction to the asteroid that almost killed us all, LOL at Miguel's epic WWE audition, and witness Drake continue to be a trend-setter (while running with Forrest Gump and playing ball with Allen Iverson). This may not include everything that happened last month, but these are definitely the highlights you need to know, in case you missed out. Enjoy.

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