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We're aware that actors go through crazy transformations for a role. George Clooney gained 40 pounds for the thriller Syriana. Christian Bale lost 70 pounds (and wanted to lose more before directors stopped him) to play the lead in The Machinist. 50 Cent also lost 70 pounds to play a cancer-stricken football player in Things Fall Apart. Sure, it could be argued that such behaviours are definite signs of dedication. But is it worth it? 

Take Matthew McConaughey, who lost almost more than the 50 pounds he shed to play a dying AIDS patient in the upcoming film, Dallas Buyers Club. The actor ate little-to-no food and was losing seven pounds every week. He described his meals to the Mirror, saying he'd have a Diet Coke, two egg whites in the morning, a piece of chicken, and another Diet Coke. "That was rough," he said. 

The actor consulted doctors about his weight loss, and they confirmed that starving yourself can lead to blindness. "They monitored him, and things are back to normal now," an insider told In Touch. We're glad McConaughey is okay and has regained some weight since, but this is reason enough to never starve yourself.

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