There have been many famous pairings throughout pop culture history, like Bennifer, Brangelina, or most recently, Kimye. Well, move over Hollywood, cause we're here to introduce you to Francovic--the marvelous pairing of James Franco and Marina Abramovic. The unlikely duo actually has a pretty strong friendship that appears to have developed not only because they like each other, but also because they inspire one another. They seem to feed off of the artist-actor energy they have created. 

Although Marina has enjoyed a much longer career, it was her who became fascinated with Franco, so much that she decided that she wanted to make a movie about his life. The news of this, of course, made many scratch their heads. However, Abramovic has wonderfully surprised many throughout her career, so we imagine the movie will actually be pretty awesome. Although Abramovic hasn't revealed a large amount about the project, she's shared some details that say a lot about her motivations for making it and what it will look like. Enjoy Everything We Know About Marina Abramovic's James Franco Movie.

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