Check out these merino wool T-shirts from the tech apparel king of Planet Blog, Outlier. At first, uneducated, non-Four Pins caliber glance these look like your basic solid T-shirt. But this is a big deal, yo! These just re-launched yesterday after not being available for almost 3 years. Which begs the question, was there some sort of merino wool shortage we all didn't know about? CNN, THAT'S THE TYPE OF SHIT YOU NEED TO BE COVERING. "MERINO WOOL DROUGHT PLAGUES BLOGGERS ACROSS THE WORLD". Anyway, there's also a nice little outdoorsy lookbook to accompany the tees, which, as you'd expect, features a man who is super unequipped to be actually hiking, but I'll be damned if he doesn't look handsome doing it. Why is homeboy making a hard cut through tall grass like he's fucking Jerry Rice circa '89 running a slant route? Outlier, you crazy.