Is your reality defined by what you see with your own eyes? Leading us to question how we build our reality through perception, a 17-meter long fiberglass whale was displayed or "beached" as part of the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival, an outdoor arts festival that took place from June 21 to 29. Created by Captain Boomer, a Belgian artists collective, the installation of the life-sized model took place on the shore of the river Thames, surrounded by actors who dressed and pretended to be scientists investigating the scene. The combination of the convincing form of the figure along with the performance gathered large groups of inquiring passersby.

Captain Boomer explains the purpose of the public installation: "The psychological archetype of the dead big fish leaves no one untouched. It stirs and mobilizes a local community...People address each other, speculate and wonder. They offer help and ask for information...Some audience members know it is a work of art but feed the illusion to other people. The sperm whale appeals to everyone, regardless of social or cultural background. It is the place where everyone gets together. That’s why it is vital [to be] on a public spot that is freely accessible."

The realistic whale was moved to a location at The Royal Naval College at Cutty Stark, where it was on display throughout the rest of the arts festival.

[via My Modern Met]