Yeezus is finally here, and Kanye West has once again made his indelible mark on music, art, and style, as he does every time he releases new work. He also just had a kid with his maybe-wife-to-be Kim Kardashian. What a month this guy is having. He gets a lot of credit—deservedly so. He gives himself a lot of credit, too. Can't blame him for that, but we can consider the influences, whether he knows it or not, that have help guide him along the way.

'Ye is in a class of his own these days, a true pioneer sonically and stylistically, but without some of these surprising predecessors, his fashions choices might have been quite a bit different. Brace yourself, and meet some of the trendsetters who paved the way for Yeezy. Check out a History of Kanye West's Style Inspirations.

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