Love it or hate it, Kanye West's influence on how men dress today is undeniable, and while you personally may not be running around in a kilt, or wearing leather from head to toe, it would be tough to not notice the Kanye-ification of young men's wardrobes worldwide. 

He's changed the climate of menswear in many ways, and all you need to do is look at any celebrity. Pop-stars, actors, and of course rappers, all look a little 'Ye-ed out. But it's not just celebrities that emulate Kanye's dress code—it's trickled down to the masses and that's because Kanye didn't get here overnight. Most guys can relate to the fact that you have to grow into your style.

From the days when he was rocking bow-ties with denim jackets and Lego brooches, to when he was on his suit and tie shit before Jay-Z and Justin, to now only rocking things fresh off the runway, here's How Men's Style Would Be Different Without Kanye West

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