Besides invading your girlfriend’s iPod, Justin Bieber has been invading your girlfriend’s nose. Did you know he already has two signature perfumes out on the market? We didn’t either, but your lady friend probably did. He knows very well that a girl's scent is important to how dudes feel about her and that is why he is introducing a third perfume.

The Biebs is following up his signature fragrances “Someday” and “Girlfriend” with “The Key.” His past scents went a little extra on the packaging and this is one's no different. The new aroma comes in a pristine white bottle complete with a golden key. What’s the key for, you ask? It’s the key to his heart, obviously. So if you see your girl rocking a skeleton key around her neck and she smells like a “fruity floral musk with notes of vanilla,” she might be a Belieber.

[via The Cut]