While living in Manhattan, street level storefronts and activities may distract you from noticing the world above. However, things are different for New York-based graphic designer José Guízar who always keeps in mind to look up while roaming his city's streets. His habit has led him to create the series "Windows of New York", caused by an obsession for certain glass surfaces. The artist created weekly illustrations of those that have especially caught his attention, from all parts of town including the Lower East Side, Midtown, the Village, SoHo, and even parts of Brooklyn. His creations are diverse yet all have something in common. While most windows are typical of the urban design that includes long, narrow rectangular windows, a few take the form of unconventional shapes. What distinguishes the windows from each other most is the different adornment and installations they include, like air conditioners, frames, and blinds. Since most windows lead into private apartments, they appropriately seem to display the character of what lies beyond their surfaces.

[via PSFK]