While many are still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, others may be inappropriately removed from the tragedy. New York-based designer Joe Doucet realized that he himself had too easily dismissed October's storm as a passing occurrence. He created "Fathom Mirror" as a way of remembering the days water flooded the city streets, leaving the metropolis without power. Doucet, whose studio is located in Lower Manhattan where the storm blacked-out the neighborhood, told Deezeen Magazine, "The mirror came about by my thinking that it had been less than six months since Sandy and I almost never thought about it. I was struck by how quickly we forget tragedy."

The circular mirror consists of two reflective surfaces, one tinted blue. This creates a reflection that makes it seem as if the viewer is immersed in water. While we often forget about such national disasters, looking at our reflection in "Fathom Mirror" forces us to reflect on the enduring destruction of the hurricane. 

[via Dezeen]