Did you guys know that JJJJound started off as a series of image-laden emails between Justin Saunders and Claudio Marzano? ME NEITHER. Justin must be a pretty cool guy. Not only does he know the perfect time and place to put a black and white photograph of a naked lady within a series of photos of copy machines and Sig Sauer, he had the idea to recreate the original emails as 6 foot oil paintings. So, if you’re in Los Angeles, check out the show. If you’re not in Los Angeles, check out these photos here and then check out JJJJound and then decide you need to become a creative person too because then you'll have really cool minimal apartments with fuck tons of succulents and ferns and maybe some bonsai and drink really good coffee and your weed is stored in French glass containers and all the girls you fuck wear Chucks and you get jobs at Nike and DONDA because you have all of the ideas and shit.