Jean-Michel Basquiat left home at age 17 and did what he needed to survive on the streets of New York City. A few years later he became rich and famous, so he never really experienced the job market like the rest of us. However, it turns out that Basquiat did have a résumé ready just in case.

As a part of the "Man Made" selling exhibition at Sotheby's, this Untitled two-page hand-written document from a 20-year-old Basquiat contains information about his limited education, published interviews, and a list of references that includes such notable figures as Andy Warhol, Tennessee Williams, and Dick Tracy. He playfully misspelled "education" and corrected it with a single strikethrough so that it would still be legible. Next to the correct spelling he wrote simply "NIL." Experience has been left open and Employment with the name Patricia Fields has been thoroughly covered with a rubber stamp and ink. Imagine how funny it would be to hand this to an employer and watch them read it in confusion. The asking price for the résumé was $50,000.

[via Buzzfeed]

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