According to the New York Post, Jay-Z's Rocawear clothing line is being sued by a wholesale company called iSource NYC for an unpaid bill of $450,000. Hov's label paid the Garment District-based business about half of a $1 million order, but never made good on the rest of the Rocawear branded goods that were delivered last summer from Pakistan.

iSource NYC is now looking for the rest of their money plus 9% interest, which would bring the total to $490,500. With a personal fortune estimated at $500 million, the outstanding payment comes in at .1% of Jay-Z's worth, or what 24,525 of these "We Make Our Own Bread" Rocawear T-shirts would run you at $20 a piece.

Jay-Z is in the middle of a three year contract with Rocawear, and appeared in recent ads for the brand. The below video, called "From Marcy to Barclays" was a big step in showcasing his commitment to Rocawear, which is currently stocked in the Barclays Center arena. With a celeb as big as Jigga involved, this lawsuit will most likely be dealt with quicky and thoroughly, but it's comforting to know that enormously successful dudes also fall behind on their bills.

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