Internetional man of mystery Wil Fry has just unveiled the follow-up to his highly-publicized and coveted "Ian Connor" football jersey and shorts. For those unaware, Wil has become a household name in the world of super cool guy information superhighway wears, having produced such infamous garments as those "Givenchy x Brooklyn Nets" basketball jerseys, "expensive" jackets and now, a bomber jacket that boasts various advertisements from high-end designers like Marc Jacobs, Dior, Celine and Proenza Schouler. Information regarding price and a release are currently unavailable.

The easy thing to do here is hate, but we're going to take the high road and simply acknowledge the rise of the "anti-design design" movement Fry has helped popularize. Whether it's the appropriation of already existing work or the lack of traditional "design" in general, like the album cover for Yeezus, we're not exactly sure what this will all mean from a culture standpoint. For now it's just interesting to sit back, watch and ponder whether Fry is dead fucking serious about his work or simply the biggest troll designer of our generation.