If you love to host parties but can never figure out enough seating space for your guests, then you will be impressed by the Beach7 AirLounge XL. The $7,000 unit includes an inflatable couch and table that can host up to 30 adult guests in its seating space. Although the fashion trend of studs and spikes can be a threat to your blow-up lounge, as long as you have the right company over, your setup will be safe.

With a 1,000 watt pump included, the AirLounge XL will reach its fullest form in around 10 minutes. When not in use, the reinforced PVC product can be reduced to a compact size by folding it, and forgotten about until the next party comes. Perfect for outdoor or indoor settings, the product is also available in a smaller size to fit 15 seated guests.

[via Bornrich]