Guys, I don’t even know. If you could see my face while I watched this trailer it would convey a variety of emotions at all once in a strange mélange of incredulousness, delight and confusion. Hypebeasts looks pretty fucking amazing. Let's count off what we've got:

1. Racial tensions

2. Candy colored sneakers, a lot of which are Creative Recreation for some reason

3. One girl conspicuously present

It’s like this movie has stepped into a sad little world and is documenting it for all the world to see. Although, let’s be honest, who would bring a knife to a sneaker lineup? That shit is already way more work than just clicking refresh 678 times in a row and don’t we all just write about ill sneakers only to end up buying the Tier Everyman joints at Dick’s Sporting Goods? YOU DO KNOW THEY HAVE A GIANT BIN OF NIKES AT DICK’S, RIGHT BRUH? I really hope this movie accurately features a friend that is getting into wearing suits and trying to fuck leggy girls that go to schools that always end in “….School for the Performing Arts”. I can’t really relate to this movie though because I’m an ancient human being and whenever I think of fights involving expensive sneakers and gear, I just think of Triple Fat Goose (which you probably never heard of before) because people definitely got shot over Triple Fat Goose jackets where I'm from. But I think this movie isn’t actually about violence over sneakers, more like violence and racism and humor and love and all that set against the backdrop of sneakers. And LRG jeans. And at least one "cypher" going on. Thank god the sneaker shop I go to doesn’t have any racial tensions. I mean, it’s all a bunch of rich, white 12-year-old kids in the suburbs and those kids are fucking hilarious. WHO ELSE CAN AFFORD $270 SNEAKERS? I call the chubby one that always wears black socks and leaves his straps undone the white Rick Ross. They eat it up.