Have a Direction, Keep It Organized

Keeping your audience, end goals, and body of work in mind, decide how to approach your layout like the gangster you are.

Start by brainstorming sections for your site. Two to four main sections with subcategories works well. For instance, my site is organized with two main sections: "portfolios" entails a few types of visual work and "details" includes things like my contact info and client list.

You can choose to group your work together by type (portrait, fashion, food), mood, or theme (summer, a Sunday afternoon, young love), creative style (black & white, technicolor, graphically manipulated), venue (studio, indoor location, outdoor), client type (editorial, advertising, personal work), assignment (select separate galleries for individual parties, editorials, or ad campaigns), and combinations thereof.

Decide what sections are going to be most effective and efficient for your purposes. Go with intention, keep it organized, and be a boss.

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