Sample sales are rad. They give you the chance to scrap with fellow style fanatics over the hopes of obtaining next season's jawnz at a fraction of the price. And you leave feeling victorious, knowing you just out-rummaged the next dude on Tumblr. This weekend has a quality sample sale in-store, J.Crew is currently holding an event at 260 5th Ave., New York City. The sale runs today until 9 p.m. and tomorrow from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

It's said that you'll save as much as 60 percent off samples and overstock, which means you'll find very affordable menswear. You could even possibly upgrade your summer swagger. We're not sure exactly what's being offered at this sale, but if you come across cashmere sweaters, indigo-dyed shirts, or Italian blazers, you've just come-up.

[via The Choosy Beggar]