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Getting the "ok" to photograph concerts can be difficult, especially if you aren't Inez and Vinoodh or Terry Richardson. Publicists and security will be all up in your grill trying to cramp your style. However rock band Hawthorne Heights posted an opportunity for aspiring photographers to avoid all of those hassles and shoot the band. However, it wasn't free.

The band posted an advertisement on their website offering blossoming photographers the chance of shooting them at this year’s Warped Tour. However the price of the admission was $150 a pop. They said:

Are you an aspiring photographer? Come take pictures of us all day at Warped Tour! We will provide you with the access, and experience you need. We will also take your pictures and put them on our Instagram page, and give you full credit for it. This is a great package for anyone who loves taking pictures, whether its for a hobby or professionally.

As Petapixel pointed out, though the opportunity had the potential help some, the vague posting also had the potential to screw over photographers. It said that people shooting the band would be given "full credit" but that didn't necessarily mean the photographer would retain ownership of the images. Also with the most likely large response, there was uncertainty that the photographer would have enough space to work. Also it was vague if access to the band's Instagram page guaranteed even if the shots aren't amazing.

The page offering the access has since been taken down. The band posted on their Facebook page as a followup message. Apparently the use of the word "internship" that they used in describing the opportunity got a negative response from people, so the band apologized for using the term. They said, "HH would never intentionally offend anyone, as we work really hard to stay in contact with our friends and fans. We were really just trying to give a fan a very unique experience."

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