Giorgio Armani's name and label are synonymous with many facets of the high fashion industry, but the designer is revealed a new side of himself that puts him in company with Hunter S. Thompson, Ken Kesey, and the Grateful Dead. That's right, Armani melted his face off on acid.

In a recent interview with Telegraph, the designer recalled an experience where he unknowingly took a dose of LSD and had the laugh of his life. "I'd better tell you the story. It was a long time ago, we were in the office, and we had finished work exhausted. A friend of a friend said 'hey, take this it will give you energy', so I thought I'd try it," Armani told the publication. "I didn't know what it was. It made me laugh and laugh, like crazy... to the point that my back hurt like I'd just had a baby."

If anything, we'd expect this story to from some of the more avant-garde designers in the high fashion industry, but, sadly, Armani's run-in with the hallucinogenic drug doesn't rival any of Thompson's Fear and Loathing tales. Still, it does go down as one of the most ratchet moments in fashion history.

[via Telegraph]