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FUCT's "Raging Bull" collection surprised us. Not just because it had "shock-value," but there was an implicit meaning behind the brand's otherwise simple graphic T-shirts: the intertwined relationship between those trying to cross the US-Mexico border, and those who are assigned to stop them.

That's pretty heavy for a streetwear brand, but FUCT disguised the political discussion with the "light-hearted" nature of drug-smuggling. To further push the envelope, the brand went on location to Juarez, Mexico, the world's second deadliest city, to shoot the collection's lookbook. And instead of bringing run-of-the-mill models or your favorite underground rapper, FUCT decided to clad locals in the brand's crime-provoking gear.

We're not recommending this become the new trend in the streetwear world. But like war-time journalists, the brand's frontline photography gives an insight into those who inhabit a cold-blooded murder capital. A little bit of danger has been slapped back into the streetwear culture, and at this moment, it was much needed.

[via Hypebeast]