While giving Facebook a facelift, famous architect Frank Gehry is designing a trio of towers in his home city of Toronto. He recently revealed updated designs for the buildings. Located at the center of the city's entertainment district, the structures are very modern and very eye-catching. It is to be completed by 2023.

The three 82-86 story skyscrapers being proposed will contain an educational area for OCAD University's art history and curatorial courses as well as a large art gallery. The three buildings are slated to stand 82-86 stories. But what the real story here is the ambitious undulating surfaces covering the building. The asymmetrical shapes are sure to get a lot of attention. The city's planning department has objected to the redesign, however the plans remain unchanged.

"Toronto has grown to look like every other screwed-up city," Gehry said to the Toronto Star. "We're searching for that way of expressing old Toronto without copying what they did."

He also said, "It's not hard to do a skyscraper; but how do you do one that has some Toronto DNA in it? I lived not far from the site. I remember the warehouses. It was the industrial section where the factories were. But we need to bring a new kind of life down there."

[via Dezeen]