Saturday mornings were awesome as a kid. Your only worry was waking up early enough to watch the illest cartoons, and breakfast was always a huge bowl of sugary cereal. People have waxed nostalgic about those glory days in many forms of media, be they comics or full-on song and dance. However, what most people don't realize are the parallels between popular cereal mascots and their inadvertent influence on today's trends.

Bear with us here, we took a look at some recent designer collections and street style shots, and the results were surprising. In fact, the following evidence is proof postive that tour favorite cereal mascots subconsciously influenced your style*. Read on and finish your beakfast to find out How Cereal Mascots Influenced Today's Style Trends.

*Or you know, we just noticed some coincidences between outfits and cereal mascots and threw this together for fun... because entertainment.

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