As companies chose to outsource labor overseas for a cheaper production cost, it's a rarity to see a company actually expand its domestic production. Filson has been making clothes in Seattle since 1897, which seems like forever, but the the innovator of the Mackinaw jacket just built a new factory in its hometown—and it's something out of Paul Bunyan's fantasies. The non-descript building from the outside, except for a huge Filson sign hanging from the roof, looks to reek of maple syrup, oiled leather, and waxed canvas on the inside.

The walls are made from knotted wood and it features a company shop inside, too—hawking the brand's signature bags and other garments. If you want to take a month off this summer, this is a definite destination to hit on a road trip. We heard the Pacific Northwest is awesome this time of year anyways.

[via Selectism]