Hood By Air x Corgi? What? I honestly can't even. This is seriously the strangest collaboration ever put together. Hats off to Selfridges for making this one happen. I wish more than anything I could’ve taken my dad to this show. Not a fancy ass Cucinelli Pitti dinner in a castle. Not a Michael Bastian show. Not even a Thom Browne extravaganza. But this. THIS. Seriously, think about taking your pops to this show. The look on his face when he realized you get to call this shit "work" would be worth the price of admission alone. These are probably the first five questions my dad would have for me:

1. Why does that guy have a backpack on?

2. What, like the dog?

2. Rollerskating, still?

3. Hey, Rocky Horror Picture show had a guy in garters way back then. You know what was a good movie? Blues Brothers.

4. Can we leave? Wait until I tell your sister about this shit. Not a single corgi in site! And in a car park! Why don’t they call it exactly what it is? A fucking garage!

Shout out to neck tattoo model that has clearly found his niche in fashion. OR DID FASHION FINALLY FIND HIM? JUST BE YOURSELF. AND KILL IT. Who at Selfridges signed off on this visual? This is like if a 14-year-old you got to direct a fashion version of You Got Served.

Although congrats to Hood By Air for distracting me from trying to understand the actual clothes with all this rollerskating. Seriously, rollerskating? Also, all that weird awkward dancing. Shouts out to you, boo. I don’t even know what this collection looks like, but it’s the de facto uniform of every digital cool guy alive, so it must be good.