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En Noir quickly became one of the hottest brands this past year—the rookie of the year, if you will. Everyone from Pusha T to Tyga wore the tees with religious imagery. A$AP Rocky and Kanye West both rocked the leather tank tops. And you didn't really own leather sweatpants unless you had the En Noir joints.

The success continues for designer Rob Garcia and his brand. A few days ago, Garcia tweeted, "Youngest American designer on designer floor of Barneys... En|Noir is delivering this week."

Then today, he announced on Instagram and Twitter that En Noir is now officially available at the luxury retailer. According to the designer, Barneys will carry the latest collection and a few exclusive pieces, such as leather and python bags. 

Now, Barneys doesn't carry just any brand, so Garcia has clearly created something special. As of right now, the only piece available on the online is this $1,800 Croc Embossed Backpack. But head to the nearest location for a wider range of items.

In the words of Wale, you and your compadres will be burning up Barneys.

[via @noirrob]