Whether natural disasters or man-made events, at such drastic times people must leave their homes to find refuge from destruction. We naturally panic in times of emergency, but now our worries can find some relief. At an annual emergency shelter exhibition in Melbourne, Australia, globally operating studio Woods Bagot displayed three prototypes of emergency shelters that suggest a new approach to dealing with instant, temporary housing structures. The exhibition was organized by The Arc Agency and Jun Sakaguchi Architects.

The three designs—En-Fold, Folded Home, and ParaShelter—each feature unique elements that allows for easy portability and assembly. En-Fold can be reduced to a flat shape for easy storage and distribution across areas, while Folded Home includes individual parts that can be put together to build shelters of a desired size. ParaShelter deliberately uses a bright orange color to remain in sight throughout disasters and opens up much like a parachute to create a dome-like space. All of the prototypes feature modern designs that do not compromise function, and further development is anticipated in the future.

[via Designboom]