This past Sunday a drunk driver slammed his truck into artist Mark di Suvero’s installation “Helmholtz” just outside of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Indiana. The 23-year-old's collision may take over $200,000 to repair according to the Journal Gazette. The structure is made of steel and got a new red paint coating last summer. It weighs 8-10 tons, however it was completely knocked over.

Although the driver, named Colton Adamonis, tried to escape from the scene of the crime, he was arrested by police not long after the collision, the museum’s director of security said. His blood-alcohol level was more than double the legal limit. The vehicle jumped the curb, just missing a tree and crashed into the legs of the sculpture. The leg went into the vehicle's hood and became lodged there.

“There was some glimmer of hope for a moment or two that maybe we could prop things up and bending them back into place, but no, (the damage is) too extensive,” the museum’s director said. “The artist is totally in shock about it … although he’s thinking ‘All right, we’ll get together and see how we can fix this stuff.”

[via Artinfo]