Hi there, Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter of The Daily Planet here. If there's one question I get a lot, it's "Clark... are you Superman?" Which is absolutely ridiculous! Now that that's out of the way, the second question I get is "Wow Clark, how do you always look so boring and inconspicuous?" And you know what? I literally ask myself that every day. That's why I'm so thankful the folks at Complex asked me to write this here article. 

You know, I've always thought men's style should make you look as lame as possible. That's why my wardrobe is full of stuff most guys wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Why is that? Well, the less people look at you, the better. After all, it's not like you're harboring some deep secret like you're an alien in disguise—hahaha! How ridiculous! Learn how to blend in with your—I mean my—fellow humans by looking like a complete idiot. Feast your eyes on Clark Kent's Guide to Dressing Like A Menswear Herb.

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