We all loved illustrations by Dr. Seuss in our childhood. Don't lie, you once wondered if green egg and ham actually existed. However in NYC, there is an exhibition that is showing another side of the artist. Not many people know that Dr. Seuss created a collection of paintings and sculptures just for his own joy.

POP International Galleries' Midtown Manhattan location is hosting The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss. On view now, the exhibit contains many of the works the artist created, yet few have seen. He was prolific in many ways throughout the duration of his 70-year career.

Above you can see some of the works that he created. As you may have expected, some are incredibly strange. Works display his trademark wisps and his fantastical characters. They were first shown in the late '90s but they are being shown again to remind the world of the bizarre genius that was Dr. Seuss.

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