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It can be tough to find your dad something he'll actually like for Father's Day. Sure, he won't scold you for giving him a half-assed gift, but the next time you ask him for a favor, he might be a little more hesitant. We're sure your dad isn't a jerk like that, but still, you want to get him something memorable.

Dockers and Mantry have come together to offer the ideal bundle for all dads with a rugged demeanor who really enjoy the better things in life: khakis, pancake mix, vanilla syrup, and of course, bacon. This bundle will only run $75, and give you more than a few options to satisfy your dad's adventurous side. And if he's nice enough, maybe he'll cook you a tasty breakfast with some of the aforementioned items—all while lounging in a great pair of khakis.

This "Breakfast With Pops" bundle is available now on Mantry's e-commerce site, but if you're feeling lucky (or low on cash), you can also visit Docker's Facebook page to win a free package.

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