On June 22 at the Lodge Gallery in New York City, Vans presents a skate event and gallery for Anti Hero Skateboards featuring an exhibition of custom graphics by Dennis McNett. The event will feature an art workshop where kids will have the opportunity to customize 80 skateboard decks, a four-hour open jam, and live performances from punk bands Who Axed You (Tony and Ashley Trujillo), Yuppicide, and Dead Serious. Anti Hero riders Julien Stranger and Andrew Allen will also be in attendance. 

The opening reception for McNett's exhibition is across the street from the park on Chrystie Street and features 22 graphics made exclusively for Anti Hero. The decks, carved lino-blocks, and prints will be on display and limited-edition prints will be sold at Lodge and via the Wolfbat online shop. Check out the graphics above and make sure to stop by the event on June 22.

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