Daft Punk is back and you don’t really have to look too far to see what they’ve been working on. The duo’s new album Random Access Memories has already set some records, and it hasn’t been even a month since its release. Liner notes also show that the duo produced three bangers on Kanye West’s new album Yeezus. The robots are keeping their circuits busy, but it’s not just the music world appreciating Daft Punk.

The androids have also infiltrated the fashion world in one form or another. In the July-August issue of L’Uomo Vogue, the guys appear wearing more than just those sequined YSL tuxedos they’ve been seen in lately. The French musicians pull off capes, leather pants, and even fur. Those pieces are covetable, but their sought after shiny helmets are still on top of everyone’s list.

With the duo's reach in music, fashion, and now sports, we wouldn’t doubt if this was part of the grand plan to take over the world. These glossy pages should hit select newsstands soon. 

[via Vogue]