A couple of months ago, a man showed up to Antiques Roadshow with a piece of American and fast food lore. The middle-aged Kentucky man had lived next to KFC's Colonel Sanders as a teenager, and was given one of the fried chicken enterepenuer's signature white double-breasted suits. The experts at the PBS show had appraised the suit of selling in the range of $30,000-$50,000—that's a lot of buckets of chicken. With dreams of money trees in his mind, the man then put the suit up for auction, and it sold—for about half that value.

The bespoke suit fetched $21,510 at a Texas auction, and was sold to Masao Watanabe, a Japanese KFC executive. However, the grand moment came when Watanabe tried on the suit for size. Loosely hanging off his frame, the fast food higher-up gave a large smile and thumbs up. There are some thing money can't buy, but, apparently, a $21,510 suit isn't one of them.

[via Daily Mail]