The Cleveland Museum of Art is usually open Tuesday through Sunday. However anxious museum goers will not be able to visit the institution this Sunday because the museum will be closed for the filming of scenes that will appear in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. “We can say that they are filming here,” said the museum's director of communications and research. “Otherwise their publicist can answer all the questions."

The Cleveland Museum of Art tried to keep the news on the DL, posting on their website that the closure was “due to the filming of a major motion picture.” They didn't lie, but the statement was easy to miss. The film crew will be able to use the museum's store, restaurant and cafe, central atrium, and educational gallery. But don't worry, the works are safe. “It’s a top priority” to make sure works are safe, the director said.

Spaces will remain closed Tuesday, but regular public access to the whole institution will resume on Wednesday. A day before the filming, the museum is holding a large event welcoming summer which draws thousands. It is usually closed after the annual celebration anyway.

[via Cleveland]