As this year's Governors Ball, while everyone was talking about the fucking crazy outfit that Kanye West wore, Kendrick Lamar, arguably the best rapper right now, snuck through and styled in a dope Christopher Kane outfit. You might be familiar with the designer and last year's rumors of him heading to Balenciaga before unfortunately leaving Versus Versace. But that's OK. He's doing fine, and his spring 2014 collection is a sign that he's not only doing well for himself, but he also might make a huge mark in hip-hop this upcoming year.

His collection shows a lot of loud prints, all-over designs, and even subdued suiting. But there's a definite streetwear slant to the high-fashion collection. With Givenchy going three sheets to the wind for the same season, it's not unjust to argue that Christopher Kane might be winning himself more fans in the future. And if Kendrick's co-sign means anything, you might see a legion of copycat rappers wearing the brand, too.

[via High Snobiety]