Currently the new Whitney Museum is being built on the south end of the High Line in New York. Renzo Piano is behind the new structure and CoolHunting has a wonderful inside look at the project. Judging from the pictures below, the new institution is going to be a wonderful, appropriate house for its works. 

Along with its two permanent galleries on higher levels, the building will feature a temporary collection space with will be the biggest uninterrupted gallery space in New York City. There are no columns or walls breaking up the 18,000 square feet of room on the fifth floor. There will also be a theatre space for 200 slated for events like movies or even dancing. The whole building will also have fantastic views of of the Hudson, which is thought of as the backdrop for the structure.

There is also a striking minimalism in the building's design. All of the innards of the building are located in trusses alongside the elevator and stairways, making it cleverly vanish from sight. Outside terraces jutting from from the upper floors create a bowing look. The structural elements match Meatpacking, inviting visitors to enter.

The Whitney also worked with Renzo to get a 50% reduction in the real estate cost (big ups to NYC). The structure is also going to have LEED Gold certification, meaning it will provide culture without impacting the environment. Every detail has been considered and we're pretty excited about the project.

[via CoolHunting]