In today's fast-paced world, it has become somewhat challenging to remain true to a single passion as distractions may often have us moving on to new interests. This is not the case for Ray Gascoigne, who at 85 years old continues to focus his energies on what he loves: ships. Having spent his entire life around boats, working as a shipwright and sailor in his younger years, the now retired man of the sea creates bottled model ships. Throughout 60 years of experience in placing ships inside bottles, he estimates to have made "a couple hundred" works that he has shared with the world by either releasing them into the Pacific and Southern Ocean or giving them as gifts.

"Bottled History" was created by Commoner Films for Australian publication Smith Journal and introduces us to Gascoigne who shares some of his techniques and work processes. Watch below to get a glimpse of his masterpieces.

[via The Fox is Black]