Athletes aren't known to be the most stylish lot, but the top 10 picks from last night's NBA Draft, for the most part, pulled off great looks. The draft itself was full of surprises, wild picks, and trades that had fans frantically refreshing their pages to see what had just transpired. But besides hoping for the best outcomes for next season, we also had an eye on the suits that each draft pick rocked on stage with commissioner David Stern.

It's hard for tall dudes to pull off a look that walks the line between standing out and remaining stylishly subdued, but a surprising number of guys did just that last night—even while wearing snapbacks of their new team (not recommended while rocking a suit). These guys are the future of the sport, and the vanguard of young ballers who are hopefully going to maintain the NBA's newly found sense of style. Even though their skills have made them millionaires, we can still judge them on their style—check out The Best and Worst Style of the 2013 NBA Draft's Top 10 Picks.

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