Anyone who's paying attention knows that Scandinavia is producing some of the best men's brands at the moment. Maybe it's something in the water, or herring, but the countries of Sweden, Denmark, and Finland (the countries that comprise the region of Scandinavia) are killing it style-wise. Whether it's incredible luxury brands or labels expanding the definition of streetwear, this region could easily supply the complete wardrobes of most dudes.

The summer solstice is today, which for Americans just means a longer than usual happy hour. For Scandinavians, this means leaving behind the long, dark winters they've survived and are now able to joyfully party through a few months of long light-filled days and nights. It also gives us a chance to revel in the Scandinavian goodness that's been flooding men's stores and wardrobes for some time now. If the beautiful women and universal healthcare aren't enticing you to move there, maybe you'll be convinced by The 10 Best Scandinavian Brands Right Now.

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