Age: 21
Brand: Rhude

After Kendrick Lamar was spotted rocking a Rhude Bandana print T-shirt, everyone wanted a piece of Rhuigi Villasenor's brand. This surprised everyone except perhaps Rhuigi, who has been a part of and designing for L.A.'s recent crop of cool kids that are slowly but surely leaving their mark on the wider landscape of style. But don't peg Rhuigi for just another kid making T-shirts in his parents' crib. His AW13 collection challenges notions of gender, and is informed by "the youth culture and their involvement in terrorism and revolution and political aspects..." He assures his audience that "I’m a little more world conscious about what’s going on everywhere." As long as he keeps pushing his agenda, as well as challenging others to keep up, Rhuigi's going to have a long reign near or at the top of brands dominating the conversation.