We told you about a mural Banksy created that was being sold in the most shady way by some a concierge company named Sincura Group. Well, it was sold for more than 750,000 pounds ($1.1 million). The 2012 spray painted mural entitled “Slave Labour” depicts a boy creating Union Jack bunting via a sewing machine. The work is a commentary piece on slave labor. It was sold at a members-only event in the basement of the London Film Museum.

The sale has been highly controversial because it sounds like the company illegally obtained the work. It was to be sold on Miami's Fine Art Auctions website auction but was mysteriously taken down. At the auction that recently took place in London, three buyers made bids of over $1.1 million during the 3 1/2 hour silent auction. The bids are being evaluated, but the work will have a new owner.

People have argued that Banky's art as well as other murals in public places shouldn't be sold. They emphasize street art's intended contribution to communities. Legally, owners of the facilities where street art is displayed have the legal ownership of the work and can do whatever they want with it.

[via Bloomberg]

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