The Mercer backpack from State is super simple and minimal and everything you want in a backpack—waxed canvas, leather straps, brass rivets and a laptop sleeve. Evidently, for every Mercer bag purchased, a backpack is given to a needy American child. We’ve talked before about how we're not really about that whole super complicated mixing charity and fashion thing, and we still aren’t. But if we were ever going to make an exception, it's for a well-designed product. Although I think State’s real coup here will be getting you to buy a nice bag despite the internet as fuck looking model shots they used. Radical Skateboarder Bro? Check. Asshole Who Bikes In Dress Shoes? Check. Asian Girl With Camera And Leggings? Check. YEEZUS H. TUMBLR, THEY EVEN INCLUDED SOME CHICK DOING SOME YOGA PRAYING HANDS EMOJI POSE. Maybe State was trying to let you know that no matter how much of a random, dumb stereotype you might be, this bag will still look good? My advice is to cherish your sweet new charity backpack because, sooner or later, you’re gonna overhear some dork monster who you believe to be the antithesis of your entire being talking about his sweet new charity backpack.