One of the biggest trends in menswear might be the re-appropriation of different cultures' garments and textiles—creating something new and inspired at the same time. But what about something a little more authentic than your favorite designer cutting and pasting brightly-colored fabrics into modern silhouettes?  

Mexicalo has reached into Mexican history to find the clothes and pieces that resonate the most with not only Mexico's heritage, but those who have come to the brand's home town, Los Angeles. And its pretty much one of the most exciting brands to debut in a while. Not only does Mexicalo make loudly-patterned short-sleeve button-up shirts that were a staple in the mid 20th century, it also makes some dope mariachi shorts and a couple of woven popovers and ponchos. The clothes are all traditionally Mexican, but don't be surprised if you see streetwear kids to look like Isaac Hayes circa his Black Moses album.

In recent times, menswear has taken a few risks and strayed away from shirt-and-tie everyday look. If  you're looking for away to mix up your current regimen of chambray shirts and worn-in chinos, this might be your perfect opportunity. Shop the brand's collection here.

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[via Put This On]