We should be glad that the traditional wooden tool commonly known as the pencil has managed to stick around in the Digital Age. Promoting the writing utensil, Israel-based Artori Design has created a line of accessories inspired by and made for pencils. The Pencil Broom is an upgrade to traditional pencil erasers, and includes an over-sized addition that can sweep away your mistakes. The Pencil End Cup is a storage unit with a separate compartment in the pink eraser area, made for holding paper clips or other small items. While it may even be rare to come across a wooden pencil in our everyday lives today, the pencil-inspired products are a fun reminder of the beloved writing instruments.

Priced at $22.50 and $8.90, respectively, the Pencil End Cup and Pencil Broom are available for pre-order on the Artori Design website.

[via Designboom]