Well this is unexpected. Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and the Art Institute of Chicago have been taunting each other as the hockey teams from their respective cities compete in the Stanley Cup finals. Both institutions photo shopped their iconic paintings, making the works show their hockey pride. Who said the art world can't mix with sports?

Chicago’s AIC created a remixed version of Grant Wood's "American Gothic" that shows the iconic farmer couple hilariously wearing Chicago Blackhawks helmets. Boston’s MFA wasn't just going to take that. They responded by showing off John Singer Sargent’s "The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit" with the little girls wearing large Boston Bruins hockey jerseys along with a huge Stanley Cup visible in the background.

It doesn't end there. As you can see above, the museums have been shamelessly exchanging smack talk via classical works. It looks like sports get everyone heated, the art world included. The Bruins and the Blackhawks face off in game four tonight.

[via Boston]