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French designer Amélia Desnoyer is all about re-purposing and reinventing. In her most recent series titled, "Shaping Sugars," Desnoyer has perhaps embarked in her most challenging project yet, creating solid yet dissoluble glasses solely from sugar. In her creative process, the designer discovered a parallel between sugar casting and glass blowing, and with great technique and patience yielded an unusual and striking body of work. 

On Desnoyer's website she explains her methods and intentions for the project, "From the chemical reaction of sugar, water and glucose warmed up together to 160 degrees Celsius, the mix offers similar qualities to glass (transparency, fragility, plasticity…) Looking at the glass industry, I decided to put in parallel the technique of glass blowing and sugar casting to create a new food design project: sugar glasses."

Not only are the glasses intelligently designed, they also include a tasty treat. Once the glass comes into contact with water, it begins to melt and immediately becomes sweet. Creating a entirely new drinking experience? We say cheers to that.

[via Ignant]