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Artist AleXsandro Palombo has turned your favorite designers (and Anna Wintour) into Smurf characters for his latest installment on his blog, Humor Chic. And the sketches are spot on. Karl Lagerfeld with his signature white hair and black sunglasses. A tatted Marc Jacobs carrying a Louis Vuitton monogram luggage. John Galliano flipping the bird and wearing a T-Shirt with the Star of David on it. Albert Elbaz holding a donut. Like we said, accurate and pretty hilarious.

Palombo is a designer-turned-illustrator (he founded a namesake label in 1998) who's known for critiquing and satirizing the fashion industry. His work includes sketches that make statements about too-skinny models and animal cruelty. He does also have a few lighter drawings, such as his "Fashion Simpsons" series (imagine Marc Jacobs as Homer Simpson), as well as a pretty funny one of David Letterman playing footsie with Wintour.

Check out the Smurfs above, and head over to Humor Chic for the rest of Palombo's illustrations.

[via Styleite]